• Bus Garage - Phase 1  

    The Bus Garage facility was among the first projects to get started on campus. As a part of this phase the old bus garage was demolished and a new bus garage was constructed on the edge of campus.

  • High School - Phase 2/3 

    The High School is where a majority of the 2017 bond funds went to improvements. This building was selected for phase two because education is at the heart of what we do. Therefore, if unexpected costs/higher costs occurred, they would be taken out of other areas of the bond budget, instead of the high school building itself. This project oversaw the renovation of all classrooms, the creation of a new music suite, a new weighlifting space, and a new secure front entrance addition.

  • Elementary School & Middle School - Phase 1/3 

    The elementary school received new playground equipment and fences in phase 1. In phase 3, elementary school got a secure lower level entry. The middle school received new lockers.

  • Athletics and Grounds - Phase 3 

    A new stadium was built featuring a turf field, and an 8 lane track. The turf field will allow for easier scheduling and maintenance, as well as the opportunity to host band competitions. The new track will allow Fennville to host track meets for the first time in almost a decade! The bleachers are now ADA compliant and the restroom facilities are up to code regarding the number of toilets per seat. The baseball field was reconstructed, as was the softball field. 

    Original plans called for a new stadium and fields to be built on the field north of campus. However, rising costs and regulations required the board to weigh making cuts from elsewhere in the project or scale back on the athletics/grounds project. One major impact was the designation of most of the north field as being "wetlands", which would have cost significant amounts of money to preserve land elsewhere, as required by Michigan law.