Clifford E. Paine Volunteerism Award

    The Fennville Public School Board of Education, in its desire to provide a lasting recognition to Clifford E. Paine, Jr. for his nineteen years of dedicated service to the school district, established the Clifford E. Paine Volunteerism award in 1989.

    The purpose of this award is to promote the concept of community volunteerism by the students of the district, and to provide special recognition for others who may volunteer their time and talents toward the improvement of educational opportunities in the district.

    This is an annual award and will be presented to a member of the Fennville community who has distinguished himself or herself through community volunteerism and/or toward the improvement of educational opportunities for students in the District.

    Nomination Process

    Any person may submit the names(s) of a candidate with as much pertinent information as possible.
    While Board of Education members and school employees may be nominated for the Paine Volunteerism Award, they will not be eligible to be the recipient. However, they will receive notification of their nomination as well as a certificate.
    An individual may only receive the Pain Volunteerism Award one time.
    A commitee, appointed by the Fennville Board of Education, will review all nominations and select the recipient.
    All qualified candidates shall be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.
    The name of the candidate(s) and his/her qualifications are to be delivered to Central Office, located at 5 Memorial Dr, Fennville MI 49408 and submitted by April 10, 2020.

    Nomination Form
    Click on the link to view, download, and print a PDF copy of the Pain Volunteerism Award Form.
    Nomination forms are also available at Central Office located at 5 Memorial Dr, Fennville MI 49408. Completed forms must submitted to Central Office by April 10, 2020.