• Welcome to Teaching and Learning at Fennville Public Schools 

    Corey Harbaugh
    For the past four years Fennville teachers have worked together in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to create a curriculum built around the essentials: discrete skills and knowledge found in the specific standards and learning objectives of the Common Core curriculum. The result is a targeted and highly specific set of essential standards that form the basis of our curriculum.
    Every teacher, administrator, and staff person in our district is involved in providing for the very best in teaching and learning activities for each and every student, each and every day. Everything we do in Fennville Public Schools begins and ends with our most important work: teaching and learning.

    To read and review our curriculum documents, click on the school you want to explore. You will find both the written curriculum, plus a Parents' Guide to Student Success for each grade level produced by the National PTA organization.

    Corey L. Harbaugh
    Director of Teaching & Learning 
    269-561-7331 x1169 


    Annual Notice to Parents/Guardians of 10th-12th Grade Students: 
    A personal curriculum can be requested to waive some requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum required for graduation in order to accelerate a student beyond the requirements quicker or modify for special needs.  If you feel you may need to request a personal curriculum please contact Tara Coffindaffer, counselor in the high school office, at 269-561-7241.

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