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     Distinguished Alumni Program

    In order to recognize and inspire excellence at Fennville Public Schools, the Distinguished Alumni program honors truly outstanding graduates of Fennville High School.  To be eligible for recognition as a Distinguished Alumnus, a graduate will have demonstrated true excellence in an achievement, a series of achievements, or over a career.  Recognition as a Distinguished Alumnus is the highest honor Fennville Public Schools bestows upon a graduate.


    Nomination Process

    Nomination forms are available on the District website as well as in the high school office and Central Office.  Completed forms may be submitted at any time.  Nominations must be received before March 31 to be considered in that year’s selection process.  Posthumous nominations are accepted.  

    The selection committee reserves the right to consider a nomination for up to three years.  The committee will choose no more than two Distinguished Alumni any year, and is not required to choose any of the nominees should the review, rank, and vote process not elevate a nominee to such status. 


    Distinguished Alumni Program Overview
    Click on the following link to view, download, and/or print a PDF copy of an Overview of the Distinguished Alumni Program.

    Nomination Form

    Nominations can be submitted electronically by clicking here or by printing a PDF copy of the Distinguished Alumni Form.
    Submissions can be emailed to: Albert.Lombard@fennville.org or mailed to:
    Fennville High School Principal
    Attn: Distinguished Alumni Selection Committee
    4 Memorial Drive
    Fennville, MI 49408