FPS Return to Learn Local Options!

    Like all school districts across the state and nation, Fennville Public Schools is developing educational plans for the 2020-2021 school year in an environment where changes to requirements can come at each moment.  The answers to questions are based on information available at this time.  Please watch for updates as more information becomes available. 

    The planning process in Fennville has been guided by these principles: 

    1. Students must be the focus of our work.  We must repeatedly ask ourselves, “What is best for our students?” 
    2. The District has a duty to establish policies, rules, and procedures to mitigate risk and keep our students and our staff safe. 
    3. The best instructional environment includes the face-to-face interaction between a teacher and his or her students. 
    4. In this time of uncertainty, the District needs to offer flexible options for families so that all students can move forward in their education with their local school district. 
    5. For those who choose remote or online learning opportunities, support from the local school is an important component of the student’s success. 

    Return to School Roadmap 

    Fennville Public Schools will be following the requirements and guidelines of the Michigan Return to School Roadmap.  You can reach the document at the link below: 

    MI Safe Schools: Michigan’s 2020- 21 Return to School Roadmap 

    The Roadmap aligns with the MI Safe Start Plan which has six phases. 

    Allegan County is part of Region 3 in Southwest Michigan.  As of 7-30-2020 our region is in Phase 4.  

    1. Uncontrolled growth: Increasing number of new cases every day, likely to overwhelm the health system. Only critical infrastructure remains open. 
    2. Persistent spread: Continue to see high case levels with concern about health system capacity. Only critical infrastructure remains open, with lower-risk recreational activities allowed. 
    3. Flattening: Epidemic is no longer increasing, and health system capacity is sufficient for current needs. Specified lower-risk businesses can reopen given adherence to strict safety measures. 
    4. Improving: Epidemic clearly decreasing and health system capacity is strong with robust testing and contact tracing. Additional businesses can reopen given adherence to strict safety measures. 
    5. Containing: Epidemic levels are extremely low, and outbreaks can be quickly contained. Health system capacity is strong with robust testing and tracing. Most businesses can reopen given adherence to strict safety measures. 
    6. Post-pandemic: Community spread is not expected to return (e.g., because of a vaccine) and the economy is fully reopened. 


    Allegan County Health Department 

    Fennville Public Schools has and will continue to work closely with the Allegan County Health Department to keep our students, families, and staff safe.  The Health Department provides many resources for our COVID-19 response.  They also provide a dashboard with statistics from Allegan County.  We have been monitoring these statistics as we plan for reopening.  As of 7-30-2020, there have been 1360 tests completed for residents of the Fennville zip code 49408 with 70 positive results for COVID-19 since testing began in March. 

    Allegan County Health Department Website 

    Allegan County COVID-19 Dashboard 

    Updates and plans will be posted to the Fennville Public Schools Website 

    Understandably, we have received many questions from parents and students. We have tried to compile those questions here into one document, to be frequently updated, for parents and community members to use as a resource.


    Jim Greydanus, Superintendent

    Fennville Public School