• Manuel Sanchez
    Manuel Sanchez
    Mr. Sanchez is currently serving as a Board Trustee. He is a former FPS graduate and has lived in Fennville for 44 years. He has three children who all attend      Fennville Public Schools. He has worked for Tennant Company of Holland for 26 years. Mr. Sanchez and his wife have been married for 18 years. He enjoys    playing sports and spending time with his family. He has volunteered at FPS helping with recreation sports, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, and football.  He has been nominated for the Paine Volunteerism Award. He is part of a vending committee at his work and is a volunteer in the youth group at his church. He  enjoys working with people, volunteering, and believes he can bring the knowledge he has to help him serve on the Board of Education.

    Board Committees Mr. Sanchez currently serves on are Finance and Personnel.