• Frequently Asked Questions
    Welcome to the lunch program for Fennville Public Schools! The following information should help answer the most frequently asked questions about the lunch program. If you have any additional questions about the program, please call George Siedis at 561-7331, ext. 4262 or email: gsiedis@fennville.org
    How do I find out if my child qualifies for free or reduced meal benefits?
    Submit a completed Free and Reduced Price Family Application to the Food Service Office every year. One application needs to be completed per family, please fill the application out completely including wages, social security number, and signature. You will be notified by mail if your child(ren) qualifies for meal benefits. To submit your meal benefit application online Go to www.Lunchapp.com to complete application online.
    How do I pay?
    Each student has his/her own lunch account; a lunch account is accessed using the students 6 digit Identification number or name. Lunch accounts must be prepaid or cash payment that day. They are not to be used as a charge account, rather, much like a checking or debit account, if there is no money in the account, meals cannot be purchased. There are several different methods of suitable payment, please use whichever is easiest for you.
    Triangle  Students can bring payment to their classroom giving it to the teacher, make sure the check or cash is in a sealed envelope with the students first and last name, grade, teacher, amount of deposit, and clearly marked as ‘Lunch Money’ on the outside of the envelope.
    Triangle  Payment may be dropped off at the school office in an envelope clearly marked, as stated in the above option.
    Triangle  Payment may be sent thru the mail to the Fennville Public Schools Food Service Dept.
    Triangle  A student may make payment at lunch or breakfast, handing the payment directly to the cashier. If you would like to deposit money into more than one child's account, just
        make sure to note that on the envelope and designate amount wished in each child's account.
    Triangle Online payment method: you may pay online by credit/debit card for a small fee if you wish.  Simply go to www.SendMoneyToSchool.com.
    How do I know how much my child has in their lunch account?
    To sign up for a free account which will allow you to see what your child’s lunch account balance is at any time go to www.sendmoneytoschool.com.  You will also be able to see what they are purchasing in the cafeteria.  If you do not have internet access readily available,  please feel free to call 561-7331 or email gsiedis@fennville.org. We can send a printout of your child’s lunch account activity, detailing when and what they purchased and their current balance, upon your request.
    How do I know if my child has negative balance and will my child receive a lunch?
    When a child’s lunch account becomes negative at the elementary, we will send home a notice weekly with the child informing the parent of the low balance and the need for a deposit.  We will allow the child to charge 2 lunches to their account. The balance of the account must be paid off in order for the child to receive the regular lunch. It is your responsibility to regularly check your child’s account balance to ensure that they do not have a negative balance.
    How do I control what my child purchases?
    It is important to be clear with your child what you wish he/she purchases in the cafeteria. We can, however, note on the child’s account if there are certain items you do not wish to allow the child to purchase, or if you wish the child to purchase regular lunches only. Feel free to contact George Siedis at 561-7331 ext. 4262 to discuss options you may have if you have concerns with what your child is buying in the cafeteria.

    2016 - 2017 Prices
     Breakfast  Free
     Elementary Lunch  $2.35 per lunch
     Middle & High school Lunch  $2.55 per day
     Reduced Price Lunch  $.40 per day
     Milk Only  $.75
    Please feel free to contact George Siedis, Food Service Director, with your comments, concerns, or questions at (269)561-7331, or at: gsiedis@fennville.org