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Superintendent Search Press Release

Fennville Public Schools Michigan Leadership Institute Superintendent Search

News Release May 23, 2022

The Fennville Public Schools Board of Education moved one step closer to hiring a new superintendent on Tuesday. The Board initially interviewed five candidates: Nichole Reyherme, Directory of Secondary Education & Technology at Mill Valley (CA); Amy Mielke, Principal at Hopkins Elementary School; Jason Stowe, Superintendent (retired) Leland Public Schools; Carlos de la Barrera, Executive Principal at Windham (CT); and Doug Greer, Director of School Improvement at Ottawa Area ISD. The Board decided to invite three candidates back for a second interview.

The interviews will be held on Wednesday, May 31. Carlos de la Barrera will interview at 4:00 pm; Nicole Reyherme will interview at 5:15 pm; and Doug Greer will interview at 6:30 pm.

The interviews will be held at Fennville Public Schools High School Library/Media Center, 4 S Memorial Drive, Fennville, Michigan. The public is strongly encouraged to attend.

Carlos De La Berrera PictureCarlos de la Barrera is an Executive Principal at Windham Public Schools (CT) since 2021. Previously, he served as a principal at Grand Rapids Public Schools from 2017-2021.





Doug Greer PictureDoug Greer has served as the Director of School Improvement at the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District since 2011. Prior he served at Kent City Public Schools as a principal and curriculum director from 2007-2011






Nicole Reyherme PictureNicole Reyherme most recently served as Director of Secondary Education and Technology at Mill Valley School District (CA) from 2020-2022. Previously, she served as Director of Innovation and Technology at Winters School District (CA) from 2016-2020.

Candidates will tour the district prior to the final interviews.