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Region B MSVMA Honor Choir

These students started today preparing 5 more songs for the December 2nd performance  for the Region B MSVMA Honor Choir,  to be held at Western Michigan University. 

This performance is free and open to the public.  In the state of Michigan there are 4 regions and we have 9 kids who made this elite honor.

Wish them well for the concert and as they also audition for the State MSVMA Honor Choir.

This is an amazing accomplishment.  These 9 students just finished a full musical last week and still managed to prepare a song and put a video audition together for the MSVMA Region B Auditions. 

Congratulations!  You all make everyone proud at Fennville High School.

Front row:  Seth Ciokiewicz, Tenor 2, Eileen Perez, Soprano 1, Jennifer Banda, Soprano 2, Nidia Martinez, Soprano 2, Renato Recillas, Bass 1

Back Row:  Ramon Herrera, Tenor 1, Jason Nyboer Tenor 1, Erick Morales, Bass 2, Daymien Logsdon, Bass 1